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 Haven't posted anything in a couple of months, or basically the whole summer lol.
My summer break was enjoyable. It was relaxing, and I completely forgot about work, which wasn't such a good thing in the end >_<

School started for me on monday, and it was truly a great day. I even enjoyed our double math lesson XD But senior year looks promising. 
On monday it felt as though I had never went on summer break :S It was a weird feeling. I felt like I had just woken up from a dream lol. 

But back to senior year, I have tons of shit to do...i'm scared, but excited at the same time.
I'm posting a list of all the assignments I need to do and have done already here, so I can look back and remember all I have to do and all that i've done >< i'm also adding the status of stuff XD

-Oral √ <--- did it in year 12 XD
-World Literature assignment 1 <---- sending final draft on tuesday
-Commentary <---- Doing it in november DX
-World Literature assignment 2 <----- sending first draft on tues.

-Oral <---- no idea when it's going to happen :S

-Internal Assessment <----- doing it some time soon

- 4 Internal Assessments <----- probably doing them throughout the first term

-Internal Assessment <----- First draft already in!

-Spectator visit <----- this is going to be towards the end of the second term once we all have a sufficient amount of work to put up lol

Theory of knowledge:
-Essay <-----Starting it in october, handing final draft in by december before break.
-Oral <---- going to happen in february

Creativity-Action-Service <---- Need 150 hours in total :S I'm so screwed on that right now. Persona goal is to finish all my hours by december!

Extended Essay <---- first draft being handed in this friday. Final draft sent out by december.

Like I said, sooo much shit to do!
I assume all of this is going to be done during the first term and a little bit of the last one :S
And on top of all of that there is the IB EXAMS D: Very very scary. We have mocks before we leave for winter break. I'm so scared for the math and biology exams DX
I'm scared of mocks, but i'm looking forward to the actual thing lol.
IB exams are in may, so that means that our last classes are in april :D in total I know i'm going to have about 12 or 11 exams :S And once all of them are finished I shall be free! 
And then in june it's prom and graduation :D wooo!!!

Wish me luck everyone XD hopefully i'll survive the IB. 


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Sep. 2nd, 2009 02:27 pm (UTC)
oh yikes D: thats a lot of work
I know u can do it tho :D
I've heard that senior year is suppossed to be better than junior year tho :3
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