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strawberybread's Journal

Hi! My name is Sofia :D I'm a shy and quiet girl that is obsesses with sleeping, being lazy, japanese things, anime, cosplaying, video games, pastries, fashion and pink things =3. I'm currently in 11th grade or year 12 in the british system. I go to a british school which can be fun at times. I'm american, but i'm part honduran and peruvian. Apart from english I speak spanish fluently. Oh and apart from all that i'm crazy head over heels in love with my boyfriend <3
10 items or less, 17th century france, aaa, ace of cakes, air gear, aladdin, americas next top model, ami suzuki, anime, armin van buuren, ayumi hamasaki, back-on, baking, basshunter, battle royale, big bang, bread, capsule, cascada, children of men, chobits, chowder, cinderella, clannad, cosplay, d.gray-man, dance, david guetta, desperate housewives, dragonball z/gt, drake and josh, dresses, eiko shimamiya, enrique iglesias, eureka seven, fashion design, flcl, flow, forever 21, friends, gackt, genki rockets, girl next door, harry potter, heroes, higurashi, hinoi team, hitman, howls moving castle, ito kanako, j-pop, j-rock, jonas brothers, juicy couture, k-pop, kagrra, kamikaze girls, kindaichi case files, koda kumi, kotoko, kuribayashi minami, lady gaga, latin, lolita, lost, lovely complex, lucky star, m.o.v.e., macross frontier, magical shopping arcade abenobashi, mami kawada, manga, maria, marie antoinette, marie antoinette: the journey, mell, memoirs of a geisha, misadventures of flapjack, monster, morning musume, mulan, my name is earl, nami tamaki, namie amuro, nana, neo angelique abyss, niea_7, nip/tuck, olivia, out, paradise kiss, paramore, parks and recreation, pastries, paulina rubio, peach girl, perfume, pink, pop, project runway, psycho le cemu, ravex, revolutionary girl utena, rococo, sailor moon, sakura, saori@destiny, sewing, shinobi life, shoes, shopping, silent hill, sleeping, soul eater, spirited away, spongebob squarepants, sweeney todd, t.m.revolution, taylor swift, techno, tegomass, the it crowd, the little mermaid, the mighty boosh, the office, the ring, the simpsons movie, the soup, tokio hotel, tomie, tommy february6, total drama island, toward the terra, trance, trax, trinity blood, trinity blood novels, twilight, ugly betty, uverworld, uzumaki, video games, yakitate!! japan, yaoi, yoko ishida, yui horie, zone-00