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"I would of just said...'No thank you hunny,I know what I'm doing.Plus,I don't like having my vag stretched out.'"



 Haven't posted anything in a couple of months, or basically the whole summer lol.
My summer break was enjoyable. It was relaxing, and I completely forgot about work, which wasn't such a good thing in the end >_<

School started for me on monday, and it was truly a great day. I even enjoyed our double math lesson XD But senior year looks promising. 
On monday it felt as though I had never went on summer break :S It was a weird feeling. I felt like I had just woken up from a dream lol. 

But back to senior year, I have tons of shit to do...i'm scared, but excited at the same time.
I'm posting a list of all the assignments I need to do and have done already here, so I can look back and remember all I have to do and all that i've done >< i'm also adding the status of stuff XD

-Oral √ <--- did it in year 12 XD
-World Literature assignment 1 <---- sending final draft on tuesday
-Commentary <---- Doing it in november DX
-World Literature assignment 2 <----- sending first draft on tues.

-Oral <---- no idea when it's going to happen :S

-Internal Assessment <----- doing it some time soon

- 4 Internal Assessments <----- probably doing them throughout the first term

-Internal Assessment <----- First draft already in!

-Spectator visit <----- this is going to be towards the end of the second term once we all have a sufficient amount of work to put up lol

Theory of knowledge:
-Essay <-----Starting it in october, handing final draft in by december before break.
-Oral <---- going to happen in february

Creativity-Action-Service <---- Need 150 hours in total :S I'm so screwed on that right now. Persona goal is to finish all my hours by december!

Extended Essay <---- first draft being handed in this friday. Final draft sent out by december.

Like I said, sooo much shit to do!
I assume all of this is going to be done during the first term and a little bit of the last one :S
And on top of all of that there is the IB EXAMS D: Very very scary. We have mocks before we leave for winter break. I'm so scared for the math and biology exams DX
I'm scared of mocks, but i'm looking forward to the actual thing lol.
IB exams are in may, so that means that our last classes are in april :D in total I know i'm going to have about 12 or 11 exams :S And once all of them are finished I shall be free! 
And then in june it's prom and graduation :D wooo!!!

Wish me luck everyone XD hopefully i'll survive the IB. 

Just kill me now

Tomorrow is my first Math exam. I'm so not prepared, and I never will be. 
I hate math with such a passion :@
I'm probably going to cry myself to sleep tonight because I know i'm going to fail that exam. 
Oh well, I try.
On the bright side, I can retake the exam in september, so we'll see. 

Sorry about this small rant.

I WANT IT TO BE SUMMER BREAK ALREADY!!!!!!!!! :( I can't believe I still have a month and 3 days of school left :'( GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :@

Lets get cracking!

Half term break started on saturday, which I am happy about. The only downside is that once break is over it's time for end of the year exams which are super important. So to get prepared for these exams i've decided to dedicate a day for studying for each subject, starting today. 
Here is my schedule:

-Today: Biology (read, make flash cards and do some practice questions)
-Tomorrow: Geography (read, make flash cards and more reading!)
-Thursday: Art (work in workbook and practice for final piece)
-Friday: Math & Biology (read, do practice problems for both)
-Saturday: Math (not studying, but working on the IA for a while) I'm not going to study all day!!!
-Sunday: MATH! (do a hell of a lot of practice problems!!!)

Also aside from studying I have to finish my prom dress. Because the week of exams I won't have time until friday. 

And here is my exam schedule >.<
-Monday 1/6: English & Math paper 1 
-Tuesday 2/6: Spanish Papers 1 and 2, Geography paper 1
-Wednesday 3/6: Geography paper 2 (I think. Not sure if it's only for students taking higher geography >.<)
-Thursday 4/6: Art exam (luckily it's for the whole day XD)
-Friday 5/6: Biology and Math paper 2 >_____<

Out of all of these days obviously friday will be the worst because it's the two subjects I know I can fail easily. So great. I wish those exams could have been earlier in the week or something. The exams I won't be worried about will be Spanish and Art because spanish is easy and art you just have to complete a final piece. 

So that's it for now >< I'll probably update after exams.

Kings Dominion

So half of the school went to kings dominion on friday. It was fun.
We only stayed there for two hours since we needed to head back in time. We left at about 9 am, got to the park at 11, then left at 1:45 and got back at almost 4.
The main reason why our class went was so we could work on our Group 4 projects. So all we did was collect data from rides. My groups ride was the drop tower. I obviously didn't get on because i'm a chicken when it comes to roller coaster or any big rides, so I just stayed behind and watched people's stuff. My friend Anna also stayed with me because she wasn't feeling well.
Apart from watching people's stuff I also had to run around getting the blood pressure moniter  to the other groups so I got to do some exercise XD
Overall it was a fun day with the whole class :)

Have a class pic of Year 12 :D


Hello again XD

So yup decided to get a new journal XD

Nothing much has gone on in my life other than school so i'll just talk about that I guess :/

I guess things are ok. Exams are coming soon which i'm sort of worried about, we have to finish our Math, English and Science projects all this year so we can get those out of the way >< And apart from that we have to produce art pieces like crazy and everything else just makes it worse! It's so stressful T__T But this week it was sports day on wednesday. It was fun, I did all the events. I didn't enjoy them but i'm proud I did them. Tomorrow is the running day, but i'm not going because I have my period and I don't feel well. Oh well. 
Next week we're going to go to Kings Dominion to work on our Science projects XD It should be fun!  I'm in a group with Anna (Yay!), Nicolle (double yay!), Joe and Darius. They're all fun people XD And then the week after that is our final week until half term break and then we come back and have our exams >.< 

So that's it basically for now. School has taken over my life completely and will for the next few years. 

And mentioning that, I think that my last con for the year will be Otakon, unless enough people go to AUSA. And next year it will only be Katsu, Otakon and hopefully comic-con. I have no time for cons anymore and it's too expensive!

will post more entries later >.>